Nokia Lumia 900 vs Apple iPhone 4S

Introduction and Design

Stirring things up on AT&T’s lineup, smartphones need to be aware that the Nokia Lumia 900 is out for blood and setting its eyes on some of the best of the best in the market. Rightfully so, we think it’s relevant to pit Nokia’s flagship against, you know, Apple’s pride and joy in the iPhone 4S – since they’re both so gosh darn lovable in many ways. Obviously, there’s a huge disparity in the pricing department as the Lumia 900 undercuts its rival by flaunting a $99.99 on-contract price right from the get-go, but more importantly, will it be enough to offset the prestige and unflinching performance that normally accompanies the iPhone 4S?


Well, what can we say about their designs? For starters, some of the words that come to mind are things like unique, solid, and premium – and the more we think about it, those are all the required ingredients in making a smartphone compelling. Indeed, the Lumia 900 is a bit larger compared to the iPhone 4S, but it’s pretty sweet that they both employ top-notch quality materials with their constructions. However, it’s worth pointing out that the Lumia 900 retains a cleaner appearance thanks to its unibody polycarbonate design, while the iPhone 4S is somewhat more prone to smudges and fingerprints because of its glossy looks. In the end, their iconic looking designs are both favorable in our eyes.

Since the physical buttons on the iPhone 4S are more prominent, we prefer them over the flat feel of the Lumia 900’s set of buttons. Furthermore, we can say the same thing about the iPhone’s springy home button, because nothing beats having a physical response – whereas the Lumia 900 resorts to the using the usual set of capacitive Windows Phone buttons. Around their sides, we find common items such as their noise cancellation microphones, internal speakers, and 3.5mm headset jacks, but the Lumia 900 sticks with a traditional microUSB port, whereas the iPhone 4S maintains its proprietary 30-pin dock port.

Honestly, you can ditch that point and shoot camera of yours because these two are packing some juicy things with their respective cameras. On the iPhone 4S, it’s a 8-megapixel snapper that features an LED flash, backside-illuminated sensor, and a wide angle F2.4 lens. Meanwhile, the Nokia Lumia 900 sports an equally compelling 8-megapixel camera that features a dual-LED flash and an F2.2 aperture lens. Rounding things out, video chatting is in full effect thanks to their front-facing cameras – well, it’s a 1.3-megapixel one in the Lumia 900 and a VGA one in the iPhone 4S.


Alright, we can agree that these two handsets boast some lovely looking displays from a far glance, but upon closer inspection, we find the Retina Display of the iPhone 4S to be the more favorable one. Sure, the Lumia 900 has the advantage of having the larger 4.3” display, but its WVGA (480 x 800) pales in comparison to the 640 x 960 resolution of the iPhone’s Retina Display. Ultimately, the difference in detail is most recognizable in the web browser when viewing web sites in their entirety, as we’re able to distinguish fine text with the iPhone 4S – whereas, it appears garbled on the Lumia 900. Furthermore, since the iPhone 4S relies on an IPS LCD panel, its color production is more accurate over the saturated tones of the Lumia 900’s AMOLED panel.

Nokia Lumia 900 360-degrees View

Apple iPhone 4S 360-degrees View:

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