Michael Kors Access Lexington 2 Review

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Michael Kors Access Lexington 2 Review


This expressive dress smartwatch does not beat around the bush - when you wear it, people will notice, moreso than any other smartwatch you’re likely to encounter in the wild.

Just like the Diesel On Axial, Fossil Carlyle, and Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3 that we already reviewed, this here Michael Kors timepiece is a Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch that relies on Google’s Wear OS and provides up to a day of battery life at best.

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Design & Display

This Michael Kors watch can’t be worn casually, unless you’re related to Pablo Escobar or a similar member of the criminal underground. Wearing is a statement and unless you dress the part, you will easily look out of place. That’s exactly what happened to me when I went to the mall for a quick bite the other day - I forgot I had the Michael Kors on my wrist and the combination with my casual attire definitely raised a couple of eyebrows, to say the least. The design language won’t suit anyone and is an acquired taste for sure. While I like it, I admit there’s no way I could wear it every day.

From a design standpoint, the Access Lexington 2 is a solid stainless steel watch. Save for the plastic bottom, which is chock-full with sensors, the smartwatch is fully made of steel and feels great on the hand, heavy and reassuring. The two-tone band as well as the colored bezel at the top add a neat amount of sophistication. The rotating crown on the side which is used to navigate throughout the interface is ridged and a joy to interact with.

This Michael Kors wearable is the closest Wear OS smartwaches ever got fashion statements.

Software & Performance

Powered by the Snapdragon 3100 chip, the Michael Kors Lexington 2 actually is pretty usable, unlike the Diesel On Axial which feels quite choppy from time to time. Apps launch quickly enough and the interface runs smooth enough. While at first glance you might think that the UI is overly modified to reflect the Michael Kors brand identity, the overall aesthetics of the interface are not too cheesy or kitschy. Actually, the majority of the default watch faces are not that bad and go nicely along with the overall looks of the smartwatch.

Aside from the Michael Kors access app, which lets you save customized watchfaces, modes, and create countdowns, the Access Lexington 2 comes with the same set of apps you’d find on any relatively new Wear OS device. The Google Assistant is just a swipe away, and Google Fit is pre-installed and ready to track your sporty activities, though I highly doubt you’d want to go jogging with this watch on your wrist. It simply isn’t your regular sport smartwatch as it neither looks the part, nor is comfortable to wear during exercise.

There’s automatic activity detection as well as a heartrate sensor to monitor and log your pulse.

Battery life

Just like the rest of the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches, the Michael Kors Access Lexington 2 simply isn’t a battery champ. With regular usage, it should last a day at best; if you disable most of its smart functions, it could go for a few days longer, but that would defeat the purpose of owning a smartwatch. On the upside, the watch charges relatively quickly.


  • Solid build
  • Classy looks
  • Great default watchfaces
  • Water-resistant
  • Phone call support


  • Uninspiring battery life
  • Not an everyday watch
  • Wear OS not polished enough

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