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LG ARENA KM900 Review


We´ve finally got our hands on a retail version of the LG ARENA KM900! We threw a decent party, came up with a nice carnival do and let off firecrackers to celebrate its arrival. How come? Well, the prototype unit we tested did manage to go over big with us and we shared with you how pleased we were in our preview. We compared the rivalry among touch sensitive screen cell phones to the Afro Samurai story. In case you haven´t seen the series yet, the protagonist is a samurai guy, struggling for the No.1 headband that bestows a godly status to its holder and is, apparently, something everyone yearns after. In our touch screen phone case, Apple got it with their iPhone and all other manufacturers have been trying to snatch it from them ever since… What still keeps the Apple´s product at the top is its comfy, responsive and funny software.

Comparing the ARENA with the iPhone once again reminds us of our favorite cartoon movie. You see, one of the toughest opponents of our samurai guy is no other but a mechanic, robotized copy of him. Some people claim the LG ARENA is nothing but an iPhone clone… and it really is.

What´s in the pack?

  • Headset
  • User CD
  • User manual
  • Charger


How come we believe the LG ARENA is just an Apple iPhone clone? Well, you need to just as much as take a look at it. The shiny metal framing the screen by no means falls short of bringing the Apple´s fad phone to mind. The similarity is further reinforced by the touch sensitive screen utilizing the capacitive technology that dominates over the whole front side. Unfortunately, the LG ARENA has a rather smaller 3-inch screen and we wish it was larger by at least half an inch, given its splendid WVGA resolution. Still, it´s useable, alas not that fine looking in direct sunlight despite the light intensity sensor located next to the video call camera in the top left corner.  Its light weight and compact size are direct results of its smaller display that gets in the way of its intended luxurious image. On the other hand, bringing along your phone feels great even if you are wearing light or tight clothes.

You can compare the LG ARENA KM900 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

There´re three touch sensitive keys just below the screen – send/end buttons and a third one, right in the middle, that turns the start-up screens into a cube. You can find more on this feature under the interface section of the review. The fact that you need to apply almost no pressure to these buttons is quite pleasant, since you won´t need to get used to touching them differently than the screen itself and accepting or rejecting calls feels the same.

We are really pleased with all other buttons that perfectly go with the overall design and the whole round-shape low-profile look about it. The volume rocker and the camera shutter are on its right hand side and using them is comfy, despite they do not have enough travel. The screen lock/unlock button is on the upper side of the phone, it´s rather small, but it knobs out and is easy to feel with your fingers. Next to it are the 3.5 mm jack and cover unlock mechanism, while the microSD card expansion slot is located under the back cover.  The charger port is on your left hand side and is protected with tiny, sliding flap that is really handy.

As a whole, the LG ARENA KM900 is quite likeable clone, but it lacks the “WOW” or in other words, it is hardly an eye-riveting device. Well, as some Sci-Fi movies proclaim, even clones can develop their own, unique personality. What we are about to focus on is what makes the phone stand out. It´s secret weapon against the other touch screen sensitive devices is called S-CLASS 3D interface.

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