YouTube tests new features to help you find, watch, and engage

YouTube tests new features to help you find, watch, and engage
YouTube, the world's most popular online video platform, is constantly experimenting with new features. Just recently, YouTube started testing AI summarizer on Shorts, and now the Google-owned service has even more features in the works.

YouTube is trying out new features like AI live chat summaries, Google Lens search, and more

AI is the big buzz these days, and YouTube is jumping in on the action. It's now testing AI-powered live chat summaries to help you quickly catch up and dive into the conversations during live streams.

Using AI, this feature analyzes the live chat and gives a summary of the ongoing conversation. This allows you to join in with a better context. For instance, if you join late for something like Google's I/O live conference, you can quickly catch up on everything you've missed so far using the live chat summary.

This experiment is being tested with a small group of viewers who join eligible live streams in English with highly active live chat discussions. Currently, this experimental feature is only available in some countries.

Coming up next is the ability to use Google Lens to search on YouTube. If you are part of the experiment, you will notice a Lens button in the search bar. Simply tap the Lens button to search using your camera and get relevant YouTube content as your results.

You'll also have the option to get additional details about the visuals by clicking "Search on Google." This test is currently being introduced to a limited number of viewers using YouTube on Android phones.

YouTube is also trying out channel QR codes to make it simpler for creators to share their channels. If you're a creator involved in this trial, you can share your channel QR code by:

  1. Finding the "You" tab in the bottom app menu,
  2. Selecting the chip below your handle labeled "Share your channel",
  3. Choosing "QR code" from the menu that appears.

Viewers can discover and share creators' QR codes by:

  1. Tapping the three-dot menu on the creator's channel page
  2. Selecting "Share"
  3. Choosing the QR code option

The QR codes can be scanned both online and offline. Initially, this feature is being introduced to a limited number of creators but will be gradually expanded later on.

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Finally, the video platform is experimenting with user-generated effects in Shorts. Creators with access to this feature can personalize and enhance Shorts, creating and sharing their own effects directly on YouTube Shorts. If this feature is available to you, you'll find it within the Effects button when you are creating a Short.

YouTube is currently testing these features using YouTube feature experiments, giving select groups of users the chance to try them out before they're widely available. However, not all features tested necessarily make it to public release.

Bringing these features to its large user community would definitely elevate the YouTube experience. For example, imagine how handy Google Lens within YouTube could be – just point your camera at your friend's latest smartphone and instantly dive into a review.

YouTube's feature experiments allow the platform to boldly test new ideas. This approach lets the Google-owned platform gauge its potential without risking a negative impact on its broad user base.

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