YouTube Music is now recommending the albums it thinks you might like

YouTube Music is now recommending the albums it thinks you might like
YouTube Music is consistently enhancing its user experience by introducing new features, and in its latest feat to do just that, the music streaming service has recently rolled out an update that recommends albums it thinks may be of interest to you.

This feature was first spotted by a keen-eyed user who then shared his findings on the r/YoutubeMusic subreddit. This was then shared by Android Police whose team then confirmed they were seeing the new "Recommended Albums" section in their YouTube Music home page.

It appears as a horizontally scrolling carousel that showcases personalized album recommendations based on the user's listening habits. The feature appears on both the web and mobile versions of the app, providing music listeners with a tool to broaden their horizons and explore new sounds that may have otherwise missed.

It is very similar to the "New releases" and "Recommended playlists" carousel where it takes into consideration the user's preferred artists, their listening history, and the music they've saved to their library. By taking all of these elements into account, the platform is able to curate a personalized and tailored music experience for each individual user.

This follows many recent updates to YouTube Music, where Google is obviously making a concerted effort to make the app comparable or better than the competition. An example of this is the recent rollout of Podcasts on the platform, as well as better sharing and real-time lyrics — the latter which has yet to roll out to yours truly.

The latest enhancements made to YouTube Music represent a promising step forward for the music streaming platform. Though a minor feature, having the service recommend artists, albums, or playlists that I may have not discovered otherwise, is a worthy addition considering Google already knows my music tastes based on my YouTube watch history.

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