You won't believe where Twitter is planning to put ads next!

You won't believe where Twitter is planning to put ads next
You know it, I know it, everyone knows it—ads are inevitable and are an integral part of lives and maybe even more so when we are online. Now, even though they often are like a thorn in our eyes whenever we browse through the web, they don’t necessarily have to be one. Suffice to say, well-thought-out ads, which don’t hinder or interfere with the user’s experience do exist, and some even contribute positively to it.

Well, one of the most popular social media platforms is planning on adding even more ads to its arsenal—Twitter. Bruce Falck, the revenue product lead at Twitter, recently made a post announcing that a new ad format in Tweet conversations is currently being tested. For now, the tests are being carried out only on the iOS and Android apps.

Falck says that the ads will appear after the first, third, or eighth reply under a tweet. He has also included a GIF in his post to showcase how the ad would look in your feed. After taking a closer look at the layout, the visuals of the ad, and the way it is presented, it is not as horrible as you would imagine when hearing about it.

Implementation seems to have been well thought out, with the ad clearly separated and standing out from the rest of the content. You won’t accidentally start reading one thinking that it is a comment from the thread and then end up feeling fooled by the system. Some other platforms like Instagram, for example, don't make this distinction very well, and it can sometimes feel repulsive.

So, yes, Twitter is thinking about including ads in the comment section, but at least it seems like it is doing it in a smart and considerate way. Nevertheless, ads in comments are still being tested, and it is not clear whether it will actually become a thing or not.

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