Xiaomi and its 13T Pro model uncovered through IMEI database

Xiaomi and its 13T Pro model uncovered through IMEI database
Note: For illustrative purposes, the images used in this article are those of the Xiaomi 12T Pro.

The Xiaomi 13 series of flagship phones are solid contenders for the best smartphones category. The latest series of models, as far as we’re aware of, feature: the Xiaomi 13, The Xiaomi 13 Pro and the upcoming Xiaomi 13 Ultra, which is likely to be officially announced later this month.

This is a pretty typical line-up for a flagship series, which offers several variants with slightly different configurations. As such, users that are interested in getting a phone, can pick out the one that fits their style best. And that would’ve been all to it if this new leak was not pointing towards the possibility of a fourth phone coming out: the 13T Pro.

Those of you who have a keen eye for details will undoubtedly recall the Xiaomi 12T Pro, so yes: this isn’t the first time that we’re seeing such a device. The T variants, kicked off with the Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro, are typically seen as mid-range smartphones, which still offer impressive performance, but at a lower cost when compared to the higher-end Xiaomi models.

Xiaomiui noticed the Xiaomi 13T Pro being listed in an IMEI database, but it is possible that a Xiaomi 13T non-pro variant may be in development too, given that this has been the upheld tradition with the Xiaomi 11 and 12 series of phones.

The model number for the 13T Pro is listed as “23078PND5G” and it looks like it is going to be available in China via the moniker Redmi K60 Ultra. As of now, the only piece of info that the source mentions is a “powerful MediaTek processor”.

Given that the Xiaomi 13 was equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, this CPU swap may seem odd, but it makes sense when you consider that the 13T Pro is expected to cost less than the main series flagships. As a comparison to the 8 Gen 2, the Dimensity 9200 sounds like a good fit, but only time will tell if we’re on the right track.

That being said, as of now we’ve got no further information to provide you with regarding the Xiaomi 13T Pro. It sounds like the unit is in production for the time being, but we’ll likely hear more about it in the future, after the Xiaomi 13 Ultra launches.

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