Some WhatsApp beta users on iOS now get the ability to pause voice recordings

WhatsApp beta finally gets the ability to pause voice recordings
A bit over a month ago, we reported on the fact that WhatsApp will be introducing a feature to its voice recordings that will allow you to pause the recording and restart it again. However, at the time the feature did not appear anywhere. Now, WABetaInfo reports the new feature is available to select beta testers on iOS with the newest WhatsApp beta version.

WhatsApp starts beta testing the getting pause voice recordings feature

The feature comes with WhatsApp for iOS beta version, but some beta testers on version have also reported they have seen it. The feature was reported as a possible feature the company might be working on around one month ago, but now, it is rolling out to beta testers.

Keep in mind that at the moment, not all WhatsApp beta program members are getting to test the new feature, and it is available to specific beta testers. If you already see voice waveforms during your voice recording on the app, the possibility is high you also have gotten the pause recordings feature. To test if you have it, try sending a voice message and look for a pause icon.

WABetaInfo also says you will be able to resume the recording if you've paused it, however, we do not yet know for how long you will be able to resume a paused voice recording. Unfortunately, if you don't have the feature available, it means your beta account was not selected for testing the feature just yet, so you need to wait for a future update.

Sometime in the future, this feature should arrive for public iOS and Android users as well.

Other recent WhatsApp features and updates

WhatsApp has been tweaking its feature set and working to further improve the possibilities the popular messaging app has. Here's what the newest features are, both in terms of beta features or official ones.

One of the quite useful and important features WhatsApp users will be getting is more control over their Last Seen status on the app, and more specifically -- the possibility to choose who can see it and who can't. This is a welcome addition for more privacy-focused users who enjoy having their own space online.

Currently, WhatsApp users' only option is to turn off the "Last Seen" status at all or show it to everyone. However, an option that allowed you to choose specific individuals you want to show it to was missing.

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This new feature pretty much lets you "soft-block" someone, or escape interaction with a person you'd prefer to avoid by appearing offline to them — without necessarily getting on their bad side by going all the way to blocking and deleting them. You will also be getting the possibility to choose which contacts can see your profile photo and your About section with a future WhatsApp update.

Another recent beta update for WhatsApp brings a revamped contact interface design. The new interface is available to some of the beta testers for WhatsApp and it basically shows improved Contact Info and Group Info pages with a more visually pleasing design.

And last but not least, one of the recent improvements that WhatsApp has been working on is the possibility for the instant messaging app to gain support for Novi digital wallet, with the support appearing in the code for WhatsApp and not yet publicly released.

Novi is one of the newest digital wallets out there, announced at the end of last year and just launched this October by WhatsApp's own parent company, Meta (Facebook's new name, for those of you who didn't know). Novi currently works with sending USDP Stablecoin (Pax Dollars, which are backed one-to-one to USD) internationally. Right now it's only available in the United States as well as Guatemala (where it is on a waitlist).

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