watchOS 7 brings richer watch faces, sleep tracking, new workouts, handwash detection, and more

watchOS 7 brings richer watch faces, sleep tracking, new workouts, handwash detection, and more
Apple today previewed the next version of the Apple Watch Series operating system, WatchOS 7. As expected, the new iteration will let you share customized watch faces and also includes a new sleep tracking feature. 

Watch Face Sharing

With WatchOS 7,  faces are more customizable than ever. It will now be possible to show more than one complication per app on a watch face. Complications are basically like widgets and show information from apps. Watch owners will be able to share their customized faces and download faces through various means including the App Store. 

Sleep Tracking

The sleep tracking feature will help customers adopt healthier sleeping habits by prompting them to go to bed on time, get a sufficient amount of sleep, and set up a pre-bedtime routine. This will be achieved with the Wind Down feature, which lets users create a routine that suits them such as listening to soothing sounds or meditating with the help of an app. 

watchOS 7 will work in conjunction with the watch’s accelerometer to calculate the hours the wearer slept and detect if they woke up in between. A chart will also display the weekly sleep trends to show a visual snapshot of the owner's habits. 

If the battery is low, users will be reminded to charge it ahead of bed time.

Automatic Handwashing Detection

The new version of the smartwatch OS also offers automatic handwashing detection now. The Apple Watch will use its sensors, microphone, and machine learning to detect if you are washing hands, and if you finish before 20 seconds, it will remind you to keep going on. Washing your hands for 20 seconds can prove to be instrumental in fighting off diseases like COVID-19. Additionally, the watch will also cue users to wash their hands when they get back home.

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New Workout Types and Hearing Health

The Workout app now supports four more workout types: Core Training, Dance, Functional Strength Training, and Cooldown. The Activity app on the iPhone has also been revamped and is now called Fitness. It will show a streamlined view of important information such as Activity, Workouts, and Activity Trends.

watchOS 7 builds upon the hearing-centric features introduced with watchOS 6 and will now inform users about their headphone usage habits. A notification will be sent when combined weekly listening time on various devices exceeds the safe amount. 

Cycling Directions and Language Translation

Cycling directions will now be displayed on Maps and guidance will be provided so that users choose the most efficient route and dismount when preferable. Siri on Apple Watch will also be able to translate languages. Announce Messages with Siri is also supported on watchOS 7.

The update will be rolled out later this year to the Apple Watch Series 3 and newer models.

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