Vivo files a patent application for a detachable flying smartphone camera

Vivo files a patent application for a detachable flying smartphone camera
Vivo has filed a patent for a flying smartphone camera, as spotted by LetsGoDigital. You read that right, the camera disconnects from the phone and takes to the air to provide the user with unusual photo opportunities to take snapshots and video from. The camera module features four propellers, two dual cameras, three infrared proximity sensors and an extra battery.

While in flight, the proximity sensors are used to prevent the flying camera module from crashing into other items that have escaped gravity by calculating the distance from a possible hazard to prevent mid-air collisions. Once in the air, the "flight camera" will be able to change positions and we expect to see one camera at the front of the module with another at the top.

The patent application was filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and while camera drones are not new, Vivo is the first manufacturer to have a flying camera drone fit into the body of a smartphone. But there is a caveat. To make the camera module fit inside a phone, it has to be made smaller and lighter which means that it can be blown off track because of the wind which can also make images appear shaky.

The vast majority of smartphone innovations have been coming from Chinese based smartphone brands. But keep in mind that just because Vivo seeks to patent a flying camera for a smartphone, that doesn't mean that such a product is coming soon.

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