Students will soon be able to save big on their unlimited Verizon plans

Students will soon be able to save big on their unlimited Verizon plans
Students are often eligible for big discounts on everything from music streaming platforms to Amazon Prime service and even popular high-end smartphones, but wireless plan savings are rarely in the curriculum.

That's set to change in just a few weeks, at least as far as Verizon customers are concerned. That's right, a simple document verifying your status as an actively enrolled student in an "eligible US secondary educational institution of higher learning" will shave up to $25 off your monthly bill starting July 2.

Obviously, you'll need to meet a number of additional requirements to qualify for that deal, perhaps the most important of which calls for students to be Verizon account owners or managers. The discount is also only good with unlimited wireless service, and if you have just the one eligible line, the aforementioned $25 monthly savings are downgraded to a measly 10 bucks.

That's still better than nothing, of course, although it's worth pointing out that the upcoming Big Red student promotions cannot be combined with "most" other offers as well. The $25 account discount applies to two lines on Mix & Match Unlimited plans, and as long as you clear the carrier's "annual eligibility evaluations", you can keep the new offer for a maximum of four years.

In case you're wondering, Verizon's cheapest unlimited option normally starts at $70 a month per line, with the Get More Unlimited plan capping off at 90 bucks. While all four current Unlimited service tiers come with a free 1-year Disney+ subscription included, only two of them have unlimited Apple Music access also bundled in, with the other two merely satisfying your music streaming needs for six months. These freebies, by the way, will be available in combination with the new student discounts as well.


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