Verizon has a new 5G prepaid plan tailor-made for speed junkies

Verizon has a new 5G prepaid plan tailor-made for speed junkies
If you're lucky enough to live in one of the 64 US cities (partially) covered by Verizon's blazing fast 5G Ultra Wideband signal and you also happen to own or be interested in purchasing a compatible device and you need (or at least want) unlimited high-speed data on a prepaid plan, the nation's largest wireless service provider has a nifty new option designed with your very specific requirements in mind.

We're talking about Big Red's first-ever prepaid plan with support for the aforementioned mmWave-based 5G network, which is available starting today at a monthly cost of $75. That's... not exactly affordable, but in addition to including a lot of great stuff, the maxed-out service option has "the potential" to go down to a rather reasonable $60 a month.

You can save $5 with Auto Pay, mind you, as well as an extra 5 bucks after three months of opening a new Verizon Prepaid account and another $5 on top of that after another six months of service. Even better, existing customers willing to switch to the new Unlimited plan are also eligible for the same exact discounts on prepaid lines that have already been active 3 to 9 months.

Obviously, your $75 (or $70, or $65, or $60) a month will get you access to Verizon's considerably slower "nationwide" low-band 5G network in addition to the spotty Ultra Wideband service. Unfortunately, you'll need to settle for a mobile hotspot allotment of 10 gigs at maximum available speeds on nationwide 5G, as well as 4G LTE, with unlimited tethering provided wherever (and whenever) you can actually acquire a 5G Ultra Wideband signal.

All in all, this is an objectively solid plan, especially when you also take into consideration things like unlimited calls, text, and data to and from Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands, as well as text to more than 200 other international destinations.

Then again, Verizon's postpaid Play More Unlimited option is pretty similarly priced, at $80 a month, while including Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ access, as well as Apple Music for six months and 15 gigs of 5G nationwide/4G LTE mobile hotspot data at full speeds apart from 5G Ultra Wideband support. So, no, the prepaid savings aren't exactly earth-shattering, at least not in this extremely particular usage scenario.

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