Some Verizon customers can't make phone calls

Some Verizon customers can't make phone calls
UPDATE:The crisis is over and DownDetector now reports that there are no current problems at Verizon.

If you are a subscriber to the largest wireless provider in the U.S., you might be experiencing some difficulties this morning.  According to, Verizon customers in South Florida, New York City, Arizona and some other locations are unable to hear the other party when they make or receive a call. Yours Truly had this issue spread throughout my home starting last night when my Son's Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max had this problem; only calls made through FaceTime allowed him to hear the other end of a conversation. And this morning the same problem was showing up on my Wife's iPhone 11 Pro Max.

On DownDetector, the comments left by Big Red customers all sounded the same: "Can not hear anyone on the other end," is the typical comment. 50% of complaints sent to DownDetector were related to cellular service while 27% are having issues with the mobile internet (related to a phone) and 22% can't use Verizon's landline internet.

We will be monitoring this and once Verizon's service returns to normal, we will let you know. Hopefully, Verizon will give us an idea what caused this outage so we can pass it along to you. Right now, those in an affected area who call *611 will hear a message that says "We are aware of a service interruption in your area." The good news is that it appears as though service is slowly returning to those impacted by the problem.

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