Verizon customers can now get Netflix, Paramount+, and Showtime at a big combined discount

Verizon customers can now get Netflix, Paramount+, and Showtime at a big combined discount
Verizon has been trying hard for the last couple of years to keep up with T-Mobile's generosity in the streaming space, and while the latest such offer is obviously not as compelling as giving away Netflix or Disney+ access for free, it can still add up to a pretty substantial discount in the long run.

The key condition is to want both a Netflix Premium and Paramount+ Premium with Showtime subscription, which you can currently get from the top wireless service provider in the US at a combined monthly cost of $25.99.

That's not exactly the cheapest video streaming bundle on the market today, but if you do the math, Big Red says you'll save a cool 70 bucks a year with its newest +play promotion compared with how much you'd separately pay for the two "premium" services.

For those unfamiliar with it, +play is basically Verizon's one-stop shop for streaming platforms like Netflix, Paramount+, Max, AMC+, and Starz, as well as many other subscription services covering areas as diverse as education, lifestyle, and fitness.

This was the place where Verizon customers could get a free year of Netflix a couple of times in recent months, and it's now the number one requirement to be able to claim the aforementioned streaming combo at a special price of 26 bucks a month.

Keep in mind that you will need to be a new subscriber of the Paramount+ Premium with Showtime service tier to be eligible for this promo, while both new and existing Netflix Premium users should have no problem taking advantage of the deal "for a limited time."

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Seeing as how everyone (still) has Netflix, that's a very nice gesture on Verizon's part, and given that almost no one has Paramount+, this is a great opportunity for a lot of people to gain cheap access to shows like 1923, Tulsa King, or Mayor of Kingstown.

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