Well if Apple won’t give you USB-C on the AirPods Pro, this guy will show you how to do it yourself

Well if Apple won’t give you USB C on the AirPods Pro, this guy will show you how to do it yoursel
In case you don’t remember that one time during 2021 when a dude made his iPhone X support USB-C through brains, willpower and engineering prowess, then this is your opportunity to meet Ken Pilonel.

He’s not only back at it again, but stepping up his game through casting the same type of electronic magic, but this time upon the AirPods Pro. And can you blame him? The AirPods are among the best wireless earbuds around and having USB-C support will make charging them a more hassle-free experience. 

But, big deal, right? He’s already done it on an iPhone.

Well, not quite. You see, due to the nature of the AirPods Pro — and all of their tiny circuitry — a ton of creativity, trial and error was required in order for Ken to see the project through. He had to 3D print his own circuit board and case, so that the mod could come to life. But come to life it did!

You can follow through the process with Ken’s video on modding the AirPods Pro, which has become a sensation since its release. So much so that he has launched his own shop for open-source hardware, where he is selling the components required for people to mod their own tech at home, as not everyone has the means of 3D printing their own parts. 

Naturally, we don’t recommend for anyone that isn’t sure of their abilities to try to do any of this, but the more experienced among you still have the option.

You see, Ken won’t push you into making a purchase. The process and schematics for manufacturing your own board and case are available on GitHub for free, so if you are brave and knowledgeable enough, you can go ahead and mod your own AirPods Pro.
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