Twitter working on a 'Leave Conversation' option to stop mentions in a thread you no longer care about

Twitter is working on a very useful 'Leave Conversation' option that will untag you from a thread an
Ever had a very annoying conversation on Twitter that you really wanted to forget and were not able to, because of constant tagging and notifications? Well, Twitter seems to be working on a feature that will allow you to just leave a conversation you no longer find productive or fun with a single button, reports XDA-Developers.

You will be able to just tap Leave Conversation and move on with your life

We all know that sometimes, a Twitter thread can go on for a long time, and over time, it could get boring and even annoying to keep getting notifications and mentions about it. Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong has now discovered that Twitter will be working on making your life easier with a new feature called Leave Conversation.

As you can see from the screenshot the reverse engineer provided, the button to Leave a Conversation will untag your name, stop future mentions on the thread from happening, and you won't be getting any notifications about the conversation anymore.

Basically, what it will do is turn the @ mentions of your username to regular text and prevent future notifications for the thread. So far, this feature is still in its testing period and it could be a while for it to be officially released to end-users. The thing is, some of these features that are tested take a long time (or some don't even make it) for a final release, so keep that in mind.

Luckily, it seems that Twitter is indeed aware that its notification system for threads can get some improvements.

Other recent Twitter features you might like

The Leave Conversation feature is not the only one the social media giant has been working on to improve the user experience on its app. Recently, we reported on the fact that Twitter has announced a pretty useful feature that allows you to pin Direct Messages.

With this new feature, you will be able to pin select conversations at the top of your Direct messages, so you don't have to spend some time scrolling looking for Twitter DMs with your friends or relatives. The cool thing is that the feature will allow you to pin up to six conversations to the top of your Direct Message inbox.

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This useful feature should roll out in waves to Android and iOS users, as well as for users on the web.

Another recent feature that Twitter is testing, dubbed Safety Mode, has been in the works for some months and is now expanding to more users for feedback and insights (currently, only users in English-speaking countries will be able to test it for the time being).

The Safety Mode feature basically prevents accounts that send harmful and abusive posts from doing so. You can activate it to block accounts that use potentially harmful language or send repetitive and unwanted replies or mentions to you for seven days.

Currently, the Safety Mode feature has rolled out to around 50% of users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. On top of that, there will also be proactive Safety Mode prompts for the beta testers. With this feature, Twitter will proactively identify possible harmful posts and replies and prompt you to enable Safety Mode.

Twitter is not set only on security features though, and some of the features it is working on are just additional options to enhance your experience on the social media platform. One such feature is the possibility to change the playback speeds of a video on Twitter, which is also currently being tested out.

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