Twitter testing one-time warnings to photos and vids, as well as a TikTok-like "Explore" tab

Twitter testing one-time warnings to photos and vids, as well as a TikTok-like "Explore" tab
Twitter has been working hard to add new features to its platform recently, and many exciting and interesting features are making their way for test users. Now, 9to5Mac reports about a new set of features Twitter users are getting to test. One of these is the ability to apply one-time warnings to photos and videos, and a redesign to the Explore tab.

Twitter tests one-time warnings for photos and videos

The app is now testing an option for you to add a one-time warning on photos and videos you tweet. These warnings may serve the users you want to warn about your published content for whatever reason (for example, you may use this feature for things like trigger warnings).

Before this test, users had the ability to claim that all their tweets are sensitive, but now, with this new feature, users can label only select tweets from their account as sensitive to some audiences.

When you upload an image to Twitter, you will be able to click on the three dots, then the little flag on the lower right-hand corner and you will be able to check a box to fit your content. For example, the options for sensitive content are "Nudity", "Violence", or just "Sensitive".

Once you have posted that pic or video, it will appear blurred in the feed of other users, with the warning displayed. Of course, if the users still want to view the Tweet, they will be able to click through the warning.

If you fail to include a warning for a post of yours, Twitter will rely on users to determine whether or not it contains sensitive content, as it's done before this option. This means that users will still be able to report your content, and based on these reports, the social media platform will determine whether or not your post should have a warning.

Additionally, Twitter is now trying out a human-first approach to handling reports. This means that when you report a post, instead of asking you what rules the tweet is breaking exactly, the app will give you a chance to describe in your own words what is happening, and based on your response, it will determine what rules are violated by it.

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Currently, the feature to add a warning to some of your photos and videos is available for testing to some users, so not all Twitter users may get to test it as of now.

Twitter also tests a redesigned Explore tab

Additionally, Twitter has announced that a new Explore tab will be available for testing for some users in certain countries. The test is available for users who use Twitter in English on both Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Basically, the test is a revamped Explore tab, that looks quite like the crazy-popular video sharing platform TikTok. The Explore section on Twitter will have a "For You" tab and a "Trending" tab with this new design. Of course, you will still be able to reply, retweet, like, and share the content that's displayed there.

The company has not given any specifics of how this Explore section will work, but it seems that it will be quite similar to TikTok so you will be able to swipe between new content.

At the moment, it is unclear when these two features will be available to the general public. Both of them are currently in their testing period and are available only to a specific set of users, and it is always possible the social media platform could decide to not implement them for the global user base, so keep that in mind.

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