Twitter flies into a possible financial headache, as it leaves the EU’s code against disinformation

Twitter flies into a possible financial headache, as it leaves the EU’s code against disinformatio
I’m not sure when the digital age started, but I’m certain that we’re all living in it today. Most of us are carrying pocket PCs in the form of some of the best smartphones out there and we’re almost terminally online.

While that certainly has its advantages, one of the biggest disadvantages — which in recent years has gathered even more traction, thanks to the rise of AI — is disinformation. What may start out as a little joke or white lie may grow into a monster of its own online that is severely difficult to combat.

But us humans, we’re good at regulating things! So institutions like the EU stepped in with things such as the Code of Practice against disinformation as a tool for self-regulation for those, who are especially vulnerable to disinformation, such as social media platforms.

But what happens when one of the biggest players like Twitter outright leaves the pact?

Well, you get a Tweet from Thierry Breton – EU commissioner extraordinaire – stating “You can run, but you can’t hide”. Said Tweet was first spotted by TechCrunch and serves to say that even if Twitter has officially fled from the Pact, that doesn’t remove its obligations to it.

As Engadget details, a key part of this story is that Twitter signed the EU’s pact before Musk’s takeover last year. But here’s the thing: while the EU can’t force you to join the pact, it can punish you for leaving it.

This can lead to fines up to 10% of Twitter’s global annual turnover for infractions with an additional 20% for repeat instances for not sticking to the agreement. And by the looks of things, Mr. Breton certainly sees these fines as part of Twitter’s possible future.

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Of course, nothing is final yet. Given that Twitter is one of the largest online platforms — and the first to step out of the pact — it will be interesting to see how things play out. As of now, Musk hasn’t commented on the situation, but we’re eager to hear out his motivation for this as well.

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