The new Torras Ostand 360 Spin: practical, protective, magnetic, clicky and fun!

The new Torras Ostand 360 Spin: practical, protective, magnetic, clicky and fun!
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Torras is a popular case maker, known for its high quality cases, easy-apply screen protectors, and other accessories that enhance your mobile life. The company’s dedicated to improve and upgrade its cases, pushing the envelope each year with a new take on things.

Torras cases are enhanced with strong magnetic arrays, not only for MagSafe and Qi2 compatibility, but basically to stick your phone to anything metal. And they have retractable O Rings or kickstands that improve the way you handle or enjoy your smartphone.

The latest addition for 2024 is the new Torras Ostand 360° Spin Case. And, as the name suggests, it’s basically all flagship features from Torras, combined in a single, highly engineered case for your iPhone 15 or Galaxy S24 series device!

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Spin and set up for every angle

The Torras Ostand 360° Spin is the evolution of the Ostand R series, which had a rotatable ring stand on the back. The new 360° Spin model has the hinge of the stand ring be the spinning part. This gives you even more freedom in setting up your phone in any angle, any orientation.

But it’s not just a kickstand. Since it’s a ring shape, you can very easily put your fingers through it, and thus have it as a secure grip when using your phone one-handed. Or, just let it hang off your fingers while carrying your groceries in — the case fit is snug and secure, so your phone isn’t going anywhere while you are using both hands for other stuff.

Stickiest magnet around

We are not done with the ring on the back, though. It is also a super-strong N52 magnet, with the ring arranged in a Halbach array to increase the latching strength by 40%. You can literally stick your phone to the fridge to follow along with a recipe, or a YouTube video while cooking.

This also makes it very well compatible with other MagSafe or Qi2 accessories. It will hold on to your magnetic wallet stronger, and it will stay on the magnetic car mount more securely. And yes, the integrated magnetic ring means that you can now use your Galaxy S24 with Qi2 chargers (the S24 doesn’t have a magnet ring of its own).

Military-grade protection

The Torras Ostand 360° Spin cases are not bulky armor-like covers, but they still come with 98% drop absorption capabilities and have been tested for 12 ft drops. That is way above waist height, actually well above head level, so your phone is well defended against those pesky accidental drops that seem to happen every time your day is already going bad.

The screen and camera are protected by a slightly raised lip, which ensures that you won’t be scraping them across random surfaces. And you can place your phone face-down without fear of scratching that pretty screen.

Click and fidget

The hinge mechanism of the Torras Ostand 360° Spin has been tested to withstand at least 30,000 open-close cycles. It clicks and clacks with a pleasing mechanical snap that provides reassurance and also feels pretty good to fidget with. Use it to toy around and de-stress with confidence that it would hold — just like the clicker of a good old ballpoint pen!

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