The latest Android 15 beta hints at more organized settings on the horizon

The latest Android 15 beta hints at more organized settings on the horizon
At Google's I/O conference earlier this year, we got a sneak peek at Android 15. The tech giant's latest OS has now hit its third stable beta version and is rolling out to users. When you dive into the Android Settings app in this latest beta, everything may seem unchanged at first glance. Yet, beneath the surface, clues suggest future updates.

Google gears up for a fresh look for the Settings app in Android 15

An APK teardown, a technique used to peek into upcoming features by analyzing in-progress code, hints that a future Android 15 update might shake up the main settings page with a new layout.

In Android 15, the redesigned top-level settings page will organize related menu items together in clearly defined sections. Although the updated page isn't active yet, a mockup from tech media outlet Android Authority gives us a glimpse of how the layout might appear.

Right now, the top-level settings page arranges commonly accessed menu items toward the beginning of the list, but beyond that, there's no specific order. With numerous menu items grouped together on this page, it can be tricky for new Pixel users, for example, to quickly locate the setting they need.

Grouping settings into clear sections could be quite convenient because it would make navigation smoother and more intuitive, helping users locate what they need with ease. Having Storage, Battery, System, and About phones together in one place makes far more sense than scattering them across the interface.

While the revamped top-level settings page isn't active yet in Android 15 Beta 3, the latest update has introduced a few minor tweaks to the Settings app. For example, the entry formerly labeled "Device & app notifications" under Settings > Notifications has been renamed to "Notification read, reply & control."

Under Settings > Apps > Special app access, "Screen turn-on control" has taken the place of "Turn screen on." Android 15 is expected to be publicly released alongside Google's next Pixel 9 series in October this year.

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