T-Mobile is (randomly) giving some customers free lines for Christmas: check to see if you qualify

T-Mobile is (randomly) giving some customers free lines for Christmas: check to see if you qualify
If all you want for Christmas is a nice little gift from T-Mobile, we have some (more) good news for you after already bringing you word of an avalanche of sweet holiday deals for new and existing users of the "Un-carrier's" mobile and home internet services, as well as non-T-Mo subscribers.

Starting yesterday, it appears that many T-Mo customers have been able to add new voice lines to their accounts at no charge (apart from a pesky one-time $35 fee) simply by asking various support reps or clicking a few buttons and agreeing to some pretty standard requirements.

No one knows for sure who qualifies and how

Unlike similar "Line On Us" offers in the past, which haven't been available in a while, this seems... a little random, although that might be because Magenta has yet to officially kick off the deal. There are no actual terms and conditions detailed anywhere on T-Mobile's website, at least for the time being, and in fact, the wireless service provider doesn't appear to have confirmed the existence (or imminence) of the promotion in any way, shape, or form.

But (some) people are seeing it listed as available for activation in their My T-Mobile accounts with pretty much no strings attached. Others are finding success chatting with or calling customer care, although everything is largely hit-and-miss right now.

One key condition you absolutely have to meet to (hope to) qualify for this 2022 BYOD Line P1 or Holiday Unwrapped promo is a minimum of two existing lines of service, but keep in mind that doesn't guarantee your eligibility.

You can't be 100 percent sure you can get a free third (or fourth, or seventh, or tenth) line even if you have a certain plan like T-Mobile One or Magenta Max, with one seemingly knowledgeable source on Reddit calling the deal "secret" and essentially "like a lottery thing offer where some customers are eligible"... and some not.

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Basically, there are a lot of unanswered questions still floating around the interwebs in regards to T-Mobile's killer end-of-the-year offer, but perhaps the key thing to focus on is that you might qualify for an absolutely free voice line (with monthly credits).

Check your eligibility (fast) and hope for the best!

If the above sounds the least bit interesting to you, what you'll definitely want to do is log into your T-Mobile account and try to find a "2022 BYOD Line P1" box to check or, if you have potentially a few hours to waste, contact customer service for a manual verification of your eligibility.

Rumor has it the deal will end as soon as Monday, December 19, so there's a very good chance T-Mo will never publicly advertise this incredible opportunity to save some big bucks at the very last moment before Christmas.

As its name suggests, the BYOD promo cannot be combined with any current T-Mobile smartphone offers, so you will need to bring your own device (from somewhere else) to activate this free line on... although that doesn't necessarily have to happen right away.

The new line will obviously remain free forever, but in order for that to be the case, it appears that you won't be able to cancel any lines on your account for at least 12 months after claiming this deal. Other restrictions, exclusions, and requirements may well apply, but for now, the details are fairly unclear, relying on the vastly divergent personal experiences of dozens and dozens of different T-Mobile customers.

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