T-Mobile's Netflix 'freebie' is unsurprisingly getting yet another price hike (for some)

T-Mobile's Netflix 'freebie' is unsurprisingly getting yet another price hike (for some)
Back when T-Mobile was still the third-largest wireless service provider in the US, with no (official) plans to absorb the customer base of the industry's number four player and thus become number two, one of the most spectacular ever Un-carrier moves saw free Netflix access added to the accounts of most subscribers with at least two lines.

More than three years and a $26 billion merger later, Magenta's "Netflix on Us" offer is alive and well... with a few key changes. The first big revision came several months after Netflix announced a price hike nearly two years ago, and the second unsurprisingly follows a new rate increase for the world's most popular video streaming platform.

The good news is those who are currently getting their Netflix subscription completely free of charge through T-Mobile have nothing to worry about. Of course, that's because the Basic Netflix service tier has retained its $9 monthly price, and not because T-Mo is feeling generous this holiday season.

Meanwhile, the Standard and Premium subscriptions recently got $1 and $2 monthly bumps respectively, and put simply, these extra expenses will soon be passed on to T-Mobile customers already paying for their "upgraded" service. Granted, everyone will still be able to save quite a bit of money with this deal, at least in the long run, but the "Netflix on Us" name sounds more and more misleading.

For what it's worth, the aforementioned $1 and $2 increases will only come into effect after January 15. Obviously, no one's forcing you to keep streaming your favorite content in "standard" or "premium" quality, although the Basic plan is... decidedly not great, supporting one screen, and confusingly enough, Standard Definition (SD) movies and shows.

You can upgrade that to HD capabilities and two screens at the same time on the Standard plan or splash out on a Premium subscription and get Ultra HD support, as well as the ability to stream whatever you want on up to four devices simultaneously.


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