Samsung announces week long deals: save big on Z Fold 4 and more

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Samsung announces week long deals: Galaxy S22 up to $800 off (with trade-in)
It's the season of deals and shopping events – well, almost, but we're getting there. With Black Friday now a month away, we are gearing up for some awesome deals. For the buyers who are inpatient for sale events, Samsung has prepared a week of awesome deals on almost all its hot devices. Yes, Samsung's got a sale going on – starting today, October 24, and ending on November 1.

The deals that the South Korea-based company is running can change, but the week-long ones (including the S22 series and the Tab S8 series) will remain for the entirety of the sale week.

Now, let's see what the Samsung Week deals are!

Deal of the day: $1000 off Z Fold 4 with enhanced trade-in, $350 off on 1TB Z Fold 4

First off, we start with the deal that's going to last only for today. We are talking about an epic discount on the latest foldable beast by the company, the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Right now, you get a $350 discount on the 1TB Z Fold 4, and additionally, you get to benefit from up to $1,000 enhanced trade-in. Keep in mind that this is a limited time offer, so if you've set your eyes on getting the latest Samsung foldable, it's time to act!

Get the Z Fold 4: up to $1000 with enhanced trade-in

Right now, you can save up to $1,000 in enhanced trade-in. Additionally, Samsung offers a $350 discount on the newest foldable flagship phone - the 1TB version.
$719 99
$1919 99
Buy at Samsung

Deals for Samsung Week: hot Galaxy S22, Tab S8 offers

Galaxy S22: free memory upgrade + $700 off with trade-in

Samsung has this epic deal on the Galaxy S22 right now. You can save up to $700 with trade-in, and on top of that, you get a free memory upgrade.
$99 99
$799 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy S22+: free memory upgrade + $700 off with trade-in

This awesome deal is present for the bigger Galaxy S22 Plus as well. Get a free memory upgrade and additionally up to $700 off with enhanced trade-in.
$249 99
$999 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy S22 Ultra: free memory upgrade + up to $800 off with trade-in

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is also getting the same deal as its two smaller siblings.
$399 99
$1299 99
Buy at Samsung

Certified Renewed Galaxy S21: save $100 + $400 trade-in discount

You can also get a renewed Galaxy S21 for cheap right now at Samsung. The company is offering $400 off with trade-in, and a $100 discount.
$874 98
Buy at Samsung

First off, Samsung has some great deals on phones from the Galaxy S22 series. Right now, you can get a free memory upgrade, which means you get more storage for cheaper. Additionally, you get $50 instant Samsung Credit, which you can then use to make additional purchases. But that's not all – potential Galaxy S22 buyers will be delighted to learn that Samsung now offers up to $800 in enhanced trade-in for the S22 Ultra.

If you want to get something cheaper instead, you can also save on certified renewed Galaxy S21 models, and those are as cheap as ever!

But that's not all. Samsung has epic discounts in the tablet segment as well.

Galaxy Tab S8: starting at $349.99

This awesome offer helps you save $300 on the Galaxy Tab S8. Additionally, you get $350 off with trade-in right now.
$349 99
$949 97
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy Tab S8+

The epic offer from above is also present for the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus.
$399 99
$1149 97
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

$749 99
$1349 97
Buy at Samsung

On the tablet front, the newest flagship tablets from the company – the Galaxy Tab S8, S8 Plus, and S8 Ultra, are now discounted as well. You can get the Tab S8 starting from $250, which is basically a mind-blowing offer. You get a $200 guaranteed trade-in credit, and you can save $180 as well.

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