Samsung makes Galaxy Z Fold 3 one of the cheapest foldable phones with a sub-$800 deal

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Samsung makes Galaxy Z Fold 3 one of the cheapest foldable phones with a sub-$800 deal
Barring the Motorola Cyber Monday deals that include an OG Moto Razr from 2019 with bendy screen for $500, Samsung's deal on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 makes it the cheapest modern foldable phone you can get right now. That's not of the clamshell variety, too, but rather a phone with a huge internal display that folds in half when you don't need it, and a decent 6.2-incher on the outside for the mundane tasks. 

If you want to try out a foldable smartphone but don't want to spend your life savings on the futuristic tech, Samsung has got your back. The company has cut more than half of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 price now, as long as you are willing to part with your oldie handset.

Enter the world of foldables with sub-$800 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3!

One of the best foldable phones to get at the moment can be had for only a few hundred more than the oldie clamshell OG Razr with the bendy display. Samsung offers the Galaxy Z Fold 3 for less than $800 with a trade or throws in a free projector of the same value. You get a 7.6 inches main screen with 120Hz refresh, 6.2 inches outer screen, an under-display camera, and S Pen support, too!
$789 99
$1799 99
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If you are done with conventional phones and want more out of your next daily driver, the Fold 3 is the phone to get. Sure, the Fold 4 is a little faster and has slightly better cameras, but that device starts at $1,799.99 unless you find a good deal. Actually, the Fold 3 could be your gateway initiation into foldable phones if you don't want to spend close to $2,000 on one. With a trade, its price drops to $789.99, or if you opt for a free Freestyle portable projector (a $799.99 value), you\d get an instant $250 off.

Even though the Galaxy Z Fold 3 came out last year, it's still ahead of most top 2022 phones by virtue of its hinge and the foldable display wrapped around it. The folding nature of the device makes it a tablet-phone hybrid with great multitasking abilities and it even has a Windows-style taskbar. The device even supports Samsung's S Pen stylus as an added benefit for power users, which again is something you don't see on many phones.

Moreover, the Z Fold 3 was first to get what Samsung calls an under-display camera (UDC) on the main 7.6-inch screen which ensures your viewing experience is not mired by an unsightly notch or camera cutout. Full marks for thoughtfulness.

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Granted, the phone is not powered by one of the latest and greatest Qualcomm chipsets, as it has a 5nm Snapdragon 888 processor, but you are unlikely to notice that anywhere but in the maximum 5G speeds that your network provider can't deliver anyway. The only ho-hum part is that it is still of Samsung's triple 12MP camera generation, and not carrying the improved shooters of its successor.

Thanks to the phone's design, though, you can set it up like a tripod and even use it like a mini laptop, while the Fold 3 is also more durable than its predecessors and also offers IPX8 water resistance. You won't have to worry about babying the device, and it will get five years of software support.

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