Software update enables key Galaxy Watch Active 2 feature by default

Software update enables key Galaxy Watch Active 2 feature by default
Samsung was rather slow to commercially release its newest answer to the industry-leading Apple Watch after announcing the Galaxy Watch Active 2 almost two whole months ago, but very quick to roll out a software update now that the wearable device is finally available stateside.

While fairly small, at under 14MB, the over-the-air goodie pack brings to the table a number of important changes and improvements. Unfortunately, the two life-saving features inspired by Apple are still set to remain disabled until sometime in early 2020

Technically, the changelog is headlined by an improvement made to the accuracy of the smartwatch's battery meter, which essentially means the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be able to display its battery level more precisely going forward. But many users are likely to find a different upgrade more convenient and important for the overall experience. Especially users familiar with Samsung's older wearables.

If you fondly remember the rotating bezel of 2018's "regular" Galaxy Watch and its Gear-branded forerunners, you probably know the first Galaxy Watch Active edition killed that handy interaction method, while the second generation marked a revival... of sorts. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 rocks a touch bezel that enables intuitive UI navigation without sacrificing any precious screen real estate.

For some reason, though, the touch bezel initially came disabled out of the box, requiring you to manually activate the feature on your handset's Galaxy Wearable app. That felt wholly unnecessary, but after you install this first software update, the touch bezel setting will be turned on by default. If you don't want to be able to switch between apps by "turning" the digital bezel both in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction, you can still switch off the feature but the assumption now is that more people will find this useful than not.

The GPS functionality on board of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also getting not one but two improvements, centered on overall performance and reliability. 
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