Get the hot new Galaxy Tab S5e with a half-off Book Cover Keyboard at Samsung

Get the hot new Galaxy Tab S5e with a half-off Book Cover Keyboard at Samsung
If you're in the market for a respectable Android tablet with decent overall specifications, a crazy thin body, modern software pre-installed, and a reasonable price point, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is undoubtedly your top choice.

While not as powerful as last year's Snapdragon 835-packing Galaxy Tab S4, with a lower-end Snapdragon 670 processor under its hood, Samsung's latest 10.5-inch slate costs $399.99 in a 64GB Wi-Fi only configuration. Compared to the significantly pricier Tab S4, the Galaxy Tab S5e lacks support for the company's popular productivity-enhancing S Pen. But if you want to expand the capabilities of the newer tablet, a sleek Book Cover Keyboard is available as an optional purchase.

Normally priced at $129.99, the official keyboard accessory is on sale right now for a limited time at a 50 percent discount when bought alongside the Tab S5e directly from Samsung. You have until June 15 to do so on the manufacturer's official website, with the tablet-and-keyboard combo available for a grand total of $464.99 and up after a $64.99 bundle discount is automatically applied to your cart.

Obviously, you can also save the 65 bucks by purchasing the Galaxy Tab S5e Book Cover Keyboard together with a 128GB variant of the stylish Android 9.0 tablet. In that case, you're looking at coughing up $544.99 for the two items instead of $609.98. This is clearly not an earth-shattering deal, but considering the tender age and mainstream appeal of the already relatively affordable Tab S5e, it will have to do for the time being.

In case you're wondering, the marked-down keyboard is pretty straightforward, sporting a "sophisticated texture design" and POGO pin connectors for a simple, quick, and intuitive setup. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e measures an incredibly slim 5.5 mm, tipping the scales at only 400 grams, and yet somehow packing a respectable 7,040 mAh battery. At first glance, this is a dreamy all-purpose device for everyday needs, but in real-world usage, you might want to be wary of an egregious manufacturing defect discovered shortly after the tablet's commercial release.

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1. skips

Posts: 482; Member since: Oct 04, 2015

Shame to see android tablets go down the drain as of late, in a way. Not much competition agaisnt the variety of iPads out in the market now, and the software for iOS is getting greater too (digital art, photo editing wise - Procreate, Affinity Photo, Designer, Clip Paint Studio, Adobe Photoshop some time coming later too...???). I still remember my Note 8.0, honestly what a great powerhouse for the time, wish Androids could've been on the same level now but it kind of fizzled.

2. skips

Posts: 482; Member since: Oct 04, 2015

As to why I'm bringing this up, I've just noticed even Samsung kind of stepping back with the specs of the tablets even more, heading towards mid-range specs, other OEMs don't offer too many options anymore either. Seems a bit like an off topic comment, but I just got a bit sad about that. Literally, articles about best tablets in 2019 include Tab S4 with years old chipset and next in line is Tab S3, yikes.

4. BuffaloSouce unregistered

I swear you spec monkeys act like you know it all...the Tab S5e is Samsung's mid range tablet hence the mid range specs. Oh no the Tab S4 has a 2 year old processor that still keeps up with the current model processors but you think bigger numbers mean better... Do you cry about cars every year that use the same engine?

5. skips

Posts: 482; Member since: Oct 04, 2015

you missed the bigger picture. goodnight

3. surethom

Posts: 1719; Member since: Mar 04, 2009

Absolutely love this tablet, But Wonder if Samsung has redesigned the placement of the WiFi Arial yet? So you don't get slower WiFi when holding bottom left in landscape ?

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