Samsung Galaxy Sport shows off its stylish design in three pretty colors

Samsung Galaxy Sport shows off its stylish design in three pretty colors
Samsung’s next smartwatch hasn’t been as meticulously and frequently leaked as the company’s reimagined flagship smartphone family, but the unofficial Galaxy Sport renders are slowly piling up in advance of the February 20 San Francisco announcement event.

Following a single press-friendly product illustration in an elegant chrome paint job with a matching rubber band, as well as a few depictions of the general design language based on factory-sourced computer-aided imagery, the Samsung Galaxy Sport shows up today in a trio of surprisingly snazzy color options.

Keep in mind this is expected to follow in the footsteps of 2017’s Gear Sport rather than 2018’s Galaxy Watch as a fitness-first smartwatch with a (hopefully) reasonable price point.

But the Gear Sport, which costs $200 right now on after an $80 discount, is nowhere near as stylish as the black, teal, and rose gold Galaxy Sport rendered today by TigerMobiles with the help of a reliable inside source.

It’s obviously unclear if there are more hues in the pipeline for Samsung’s newest sports-focused Tizen smartwatch, but the four we know about already eclipse the appeal of the black and blue Gear Sport variants. Even the Galaxy Watch is only available in black, silver, and rose gold.

In case it wasn’t previously crystal clear, the Samsung Galaxy Sport (codenamed Pulse) will definitely support heart rate monitoring functionality in addition to counting your steps, while most likely also featuring everything from standalone GPS tracking to NFC technology for wrist payments and top-notch water resistance.

What the Galaxy Sport is unlikely to support is bezel rotation for intuitive navigation, at least based on the flat, non-toothed design of the new bezel. You’ll have to rely on a no doubt large AMOLED touchscreen and two redesigned side-mounted buttons for all UI interaction purposes, which probably means a new version of the Tizen OS is coming alongside the intelligent timepiece itself.

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