Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G enters mass production

The Galaxy S21 FE has entered mass production
Samsung's successful holiday sales boost strategy hinged on one surprising winner last year - the "midrange flagship" Galaxy S20 FE, or Fan Edition - and this year it seems determined to repeat the glory.

The upcoming Galaxy S21 FE is expected to be as clever in terms of specs as its predecessor, mixing high end processors with midrange memory, and cutting display specs corners just where it counts to achieve one sweet price that will make it the envy of value-for-money lovers.

You can expect the same excellent 6.5" 120Hz 1080p display and triple camera with telephoto optical zoom lens, but slightly more operating memory, and the best processor that Qualcomm can currently offer, the Snapdragon 888 which is quite the upgrade in and of itself.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE release confirmed for October

Samsung's S21 FE release date was tipped to be in October, with preorders starting October 20, and Korea's ETNews just confirmed that the phone is on track for next month's release indeed.

After numerous rumors about production delays, chip shortages, and release dates pushed as far out as January, supply chain sources are now saying that the S21 FE has entered mass production and part suppliers are happily chugging along.

The S21 FE was supposed to launch in August, concurrently with Samsung's big Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 Unpacked event, yet the festivities came and went with nary a whiff of its presence during the keynote save for some purported promo video spotting

It turned out that the phone's production was abruptly halted in June due to parts shortages, and the launch was postponed for much later than planned, throwing Samsung's holiday sales boost plan that hinged on the 2021 foldables towards the high end, and the S21 FE on the value spectrum, in disarray.

Now, however, the chip shortage situation has somewhat receded, tip industry insiders, and an October announcement seems increasingly likely, although Korean carriers say that no actual date has been set in stone so far:

The report continues that, while the plans are for a North American and European release in the last quarter of the year, the launch areas may be divided into categories and the Galaxy S21 FE could see "sequential" release in each, and we hope that the US is in the first batch of shipments.
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