Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price speculation ramps up with yet another credible leak

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price speculation ramps up with yet another credible leak
With Samsung’s official Galaxy Note 9 announcement still a little over a week away, we’ve reached a point in the pre-launch buzz-building campaign where it’s simpler to wonder what we don’t know about the “next big thing.”

One very important puzzle piece that hasn’t technically been revealed yet is the phone’s recommended price point in the US, although it’s certainly not hard to make an educated guess based on history, general market trends, as well as rumored numbers for regions as diverse as Western Europe and Southeast Asia.

Yet another leaked promotional poster seems to reveal the Galaxy Note 9’s pricing structure for Samsung’s homeland of South Korea today, largely aligning with our expectations and previous speculation of a similar nature.

Once again, we’re seeing just 128 and 512GB variants mentioned, strongly suggesting there will be no configurations accommodating 64 or 256 gigs of data internally. The “entry-level” SKU is tipped to cost 1,090,000 won, roughly equating to $970, while that digital hoarding-friendly 512 gig model could fetch as much as KRW 1,350,000 ($1,200).

There are also three dates listed under the two price tags, and although this writer is not particularly fluent in Korean, one can safely assume Samsung is preparing to kick off pre-orders on August 10, close them on the 20th, and start shipments, as well as make physical inventory available in regional brick and mortar stores on August 24. That also falls largely in line with existing rumors about the phone’s global release. So, yeah, this puzzle is almost complete, despite that glitzy Unpacked event only taking place next week.

source: Weibo via Slashleaks

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