Samsung: Galaxy Note 9 will be the "only device you need" for work, play, everything else

Samsung: Galaxy Note 9 will be the "only device you need" for work, play and everything else
A couple of days ago, Samsung released three video teasers to promote its upcoming August 9 Unpacked event, where the Galaxy Note 9 will be officially unveiled. While these teasers have been quickly shared on the web, Samsung's official statement accompanying them went largely unnoticed.

Here's the statement in full:

As you can see, Samsung doesn't mention the name of its upcoming flagship phone. But it already (indirectly) confirmed that this would be a new Note featuring a Samsung-specific S Pen stylus. And, since the handset succeeds the Note 8 of 2017, it's almost certain that its official name will be Galaxy Note 9.

Like Galaxy Notes of the past, the Note 9 should indeed be suitable for work and play - thanks in no small part to the S Pen stylus, which adds functionalities that most other flagship phones simply can't offer, since they have no styluses at all.

Of course, it remains to be seen if the new Note will be the "only device you need to manage work, play and everything in between," as Samsung says. We'll just have to wait for the day(s) when we can thoroughly test the phone to properly assess Samsung's statement. Until that happens, all this is nothing more than PR talk. But, hey, all companies rely on this when presenting new devices, aren't they?

source: Samsung

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