The OG Samsung Galaxy Buds are on sale at a truly unrivaled price (brand-new)

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The OG Samsung Galaxy Buds are on sale at a truly unrivaled price (brand-new)
Samsung may have gotten off to a relatively late start in the true wireless earbuds space, unveiling its first-ever AirPods alternative less than two years ago, but after taking another year to roll out the Plus version of the original Galaxy Buds, the noise-cancelling Live model made its commercial debut surprisingly quickly, and the same will almost certainly go for the AirPods Pro-rivaling Buds Pro edition.

Of course, the quirky kidney bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live don't exactly come cheap, and the significantly more elegant Buds Pro are likely to start at an even higher price in just a couple of weeks or so. On the bright side, bargain hunters who can live (pun intended) without active noise cancellation technology should be pleased to hear the first-gen Samsung Galaxy Buds are available for an undoubtedly limited time at a measly 49 bucks a pair at Walmart.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

True Wireless Earbuds, White, Charging Case Included
$129 99
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We're talking brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged units here backed by a full 1-year warranty, mind you, although you probably won't be surprised to hear the retailer doesn't have a lot of inventory available at that crazy low price. 

You will also need to settle for a black flavor of the OG Galaxy Buds, with the white and yellow hues currently fetching $79 each, and most importantly, it looks like you'll have to visit a physical Walmart store near you to pick up these ultra-affordable bad boys, as home delivery is not permitted at the time of this writing.

While the non-Plus, non-Live, and non-Pro Galaxy Buds are clearly not worth their $130 list price any longer, they should prove more than satisfying at $49 in terms of everything from sound quality to comfort, connectivity, and especially battery life. These are no AirPods killers, of course, but compared to many other low-cost true wireless earbuds out there, they're still pretty darn attractive.

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