You can now get a brand-new pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds at 50 percent off list

You can now get a brand-new pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds at 50 percent off list
Remember Samsung's AirPods-rivaling Galaxy Buds? No, not the kidney bean-shaped Live model with active noise cancellation technology on deck. Or the early 2020-released Plus version that fixed almost everything wrong with its predecessor while keeping the more conventional design largely unchanged.

We're talking about the company's rookie true wireless earbuds effort, which was not bad... but was certainly not great either. Of course, the OG Galaxy Buds gradually got better with a number of software updates, which means that at the right price, these puppies could actually be a smarter purchase this holiday season than all the way back when they first went on sale at $130.

$64.99 definitely fits that description, especially when dealing with brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged items sold in their original packaging alongside a full 1-year warranty by Microsoft (yes, that Microsoft) over on eBay.

Granted, other eBay vendors are currently charging even less for Samsung's first-gen Galaxy Buds, but obviously, no one can come close to Microsoft's reliability or offer such a substantial discount on brand-new units. While it's often smart to buy refurbished or "open box" stuff from top-rated merchants, the best deals of that sort available at the time of this writing only allow you to save 10 to 15 bucks more than Microsoft with a much shorter warranty period or no warranty at all.

The $64.99 Galaxy Buds, mind you, can be had in your choice of black or silver hues, and although there's no expiration date attached to this very compelling new promotion, quantities are naturally "limited", so you may want to hurry.

In case you're wondering, most major US retailers, Best Buy and Amazon included, have these slowly aging earbuds on sale at around $100 a pair right now, and even though Black Friday is around the corner, something tells us Microsoft's early holiday deal will go unbeaten.

At a 50 percent discount, we're sure you'll appreciate the six-hour battery life of the Galaxy Buds (which goes up to 13 hours in total when also considering the capabilities of the bundled wireless charging case), as well as the decent sound quality, strong wireless connection, and excellent comfort.


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