Samsung brings several Galaxy Buds+ features to the original Galaxy Buds with new update

Samsung brings several Galaxy Buds+ features to the original Galaxy Buds with new update
After delivering several small but important software updates to the hot new Galaxy Buds+ already, Samsung is turning its attention back to the company's first-gen AirPods alternatives, bringing them on par with the Plus variant in a number of meaningful ways.

Of course, the key difference between the 2019-released Samsung Galaxy Buds and their vastly improved 2020 follow-up effort remains the battery life, which can't be substantially upgraded with software revisions alone. Still, it's certainly nice to see the Ambient Sound feature further optimized and expanded from a versatility standpoint, especially if we think back at our in-depth Galaxy Buds and Buds+ reviews.

These explicitly highlighted Ambient Sound as one of the greatest weaknesses of the 2019 generation that Samsung managed to refine very close to perfection on its 2020 true wireless earbuds. It remains to be seen if the new software update will indeed be able to fix all of last year's problems, focusing primarily on making the user experience more intuitive and customizable. 

To that end, Galaxy Buds owners don't have to manually enable Ambient Sound any longer, with the functionality turning on automatically when you slip the tiny headphones into your ears or even ear. That's right, the feature will stay on if you pull one earbud out, which might actually prove annoying for some people.

We obviously can't say the same about a new feature expanding the Buds' Spotify integration to let you instantly listen to your favorite tunes from the world's most popular music streaming platform with a simple "Tap & Hold" gesture. That's incredibly convenient period.

Another handy add-on makes it easy to pair the cross-platform true wireless earbuds with Windows 10 PCs for today's all-important work-related tasks from home with the help of Swift Pair compatibility. Last but not least, while Samsung doesn't mention anything about this in today's press release announcing the latest update, our changelog lists some vague "sound quality optimizations" at the very top.

Yes, the update is already available on Android smartphones, although naturally, some users and some regions may get it earlier than others. 

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