Samsung can't decide how inferior the Galaxy S22 display specs are to the S22 Ultra (update: official statement)

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Samsung can't decide how inferior the Galaxy S22 and S22+ display specs are
UPDATE: Samsung sent us the official statement that clarifies the initial Galaxy S22 and S22+ display refresh rate specs discrepancy:

The original story continues below:

When Samsung sent us the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra specs sheet tables, their display sections read that the Ultra has a panel with dynamic refresh rate that can range from as low as 1Hz to as high as 120Hz, indicating that it has a next-gen LTPO panel, as the S21 Ultra only goes 10Hz-120Hz.

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That wide dynamic refresh rate range, pioneered by OnePlus and Oppo, allows for a more granular approach to frequent display refresh to be used only when needed, saving on battery power. When you look at a static picture, for instance, the refresh could drop to the minimum, whereas scrolling through an article or menu options revs up the 120Hz level to keep thing looking smooth and uninterrupted.

In the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ specs tables that Samsung sent us prior to their announcement, however, the display refresh range was listed as 48Hz-120Hz, as it is still shown in their specs sheets and their official infographic here.

Samsung's press release and website listing, though, shows the two smaller phones in the S22 trio as having a 10Hz-120Hz refresh rate range displays, as does the specs and feature comparison section.

According to display industry analyst Ross Young, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ still come with LTPS displays like their predecessors as, if they were LTPO panels like on the Ultra, they would indeed be capable of diving all the way down to 10Hz, while the older and more power-hungry LTPS technology is not capable of doing that as per their knowledge. We have probed Samsung about this discrepancy and will relay any clarification to you as we get it from the company.

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