Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are now a thing of the past

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The Galaxy Buds Plus are now a thing of a past
The new Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 were announced this month, and are still awaiting their launch on August 27th. According to some insider information from Cnet, it also turns out that they are putting last year's Galaxy Buds+ out of business.

Samsung isn't even waiting until the official launch date of the latest earbuds model to do away with the Galaxy Buds Plus, as they have already been quietly removed from the company's online and can no longer be purchased from the manufacturer. 

Samsung has made no official announcement or statement regarding this, other than making the Galaxy Buds Plus quietly disappear from existence online. However, Cnet has spoken with two separate customer representatives over text chat, and they each confirmed that the 2020 earbuds have aged enough, and are leaving the picture to make room for the premium Galaxy Buds 2.

You can still buy the Galaxy Buds Plus from third-party sellers which still have them in stock, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they won't be there for too long, as once those quantities are gone, Samsung won't be restocking them again.

If you're looking to snatch this small piece of soon-to-be Samsung history while there's still time left, it's currently discounted by $50 on Best Buy, which is the only store we could currently find that still carried the Galaxy Buds+. The Red and Aura Blue models have already been sold out, and the only remaining units are available in White, Black, and Light Blue.

The Buds Plus were relatively popular while they lasted, comprising a worthy purchase for their $150 asking price, as well as setting themselves apart with their impressive 11-hour battery life.

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The new Galaxy Buds 2 are advertising improved two-way speakers (a separate tweeter and woofer) for extremely clear-cut highs and lows, as well as powerful active noise cancellation which manages to cut out 98% of excess background noise. The wearer can also turn on and adjust the level of ambient noise if desired, and the battery life goes up to 7.5 hours, with the case turning that up to 20. 

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