Vote now: Would you try to repair your own phone in 2023?

Vote now: Would you try to repair your own phone in 2023?
Modern phones are fragile, and some say it's our own fault! These glass and metal sandwiches can't survive outside a case, and their slippery surfaces are a disaster waiting to happen. This is a whole other can of worms to open, but the end result is a chain of expensive repairs.

Now, the problem is that manufacturers have started to make phones sealed and very hard to repair on your own, kinda monopolizing the repair business with questionable practices. The charges for repairs also went through the roof in the past couple of years, and even though this has to do with the modern and quite expensive OLED displays, there's an argument to be made.

Thankfully, the EU and other organizations have been pushing for the so-called "right to repair," basically forcing companies to make their product more repairable and giving consumers a chance to make these repairs themselves, saving money and time.

Both Apple and Samsung have their own self-repair programs where you can order parts and borrow tools to try and change your phone's display or battery. Things are moving in the right direction. Would you try to do these repairs yourself, though? That is the big question!

I tried to change the battery on a Nokia that's been specifically designed to be repairable, and it wasn't a walk in the park. I can only imagine trying to install a new display or fix a faulty USB port. It could easily go south. We did this poll last year, and people were very enthusiastic about repairing their own phones. Let's see how things are in 2023. Vote and comment, as always.

Would you try to repair your own phone in 2023?

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