Vote now: Do you care about camera sensor size on phones?

Vote now: Do you care about camera sensor size on phones?
Smartphones are out to get regular cameras! I'm sure this mantra has been chanted over and over again in the past couple of years. Time and again, smartphone manufacturers slap our eyes with DSLR vs. smartphone comparisons, some of them enhanced, some plain fake.

The latest trend in the smartphone camera world is the size of the sensor under the main camera. After Sony put their RX100 compact camera sensor in the Xperia Pro-I, things are turning into an arms race (yes, some of you would correctly point out that the Sharp Aquos was the first smartphone with a 1-inch sensor).

Without getting into details about the actual size of the sensor (spoiler alert: a 1-inch mobile camera sensor is not exactly 1-inch), we started to wonder if these numbers have any effect on people deciding whether to buy a certain phone or not.

And just to touch on the complexity of those smartphone cameras, there are things such as pixel binning (combining pixels to act as one bigger pixel, catching more light), the size of the pixels themselves, the count of those pixels, and, of course, the algorithms behind it—we're living in the era of computational photograpy.

So, does the size of the phone's camera sensor matter to you? Would you buy a Xiaomi 13 Pro, an Xperia Pro-I, or the rumored iPhone 15 Ultra, just for the 1-inch sensor alone? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Do you care about camera sensor size on phones?

Yes, it's very important!
Maybe (I take it into consideration)
Not at all (it's just marketing)
Other (leave a comment)

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