Vote now: Do you think Google will (ever) catch Apple with its Pixel phones?

Vote now: Do you think Google will catch Apple with its Pixel phones?
All the major phone reveals are now behind our back, and it’s time to analyze and meditate. The Galaxy S22 lineup is already a bit old, as Samsung was the first of the bunch to jump the gun and reveal its flagships, but Apple and Google more or less shared a very tight announcement time frame.

The new iPhones were announced on September 7, while the new Pixels became official (more or less) on October 8. That’s about a month between those two behemoths (yeah, we know - Google is still behind when it comes to phones), and it gave rise to an interesting question.

Well, it also has something to do with the text in the parenthesis up there. We all know that in the States the dichotomy between Apple and Samsung more or less remains unchanged. But it’s clear what Google is trying to do with the Pixel brand.

Now, with the release of the Pixel Watch and the tight integration between different Google services, and their implementation in the Pixels, one must wonder - why hasn’t Google caught up to Apple (and Samsung) already?

The reasons might be complex, and they might have something to do with Google losing focus over so many different projects and things but the question remains. Do you think Google will catch Apple with the Pixels?

And if the answer to this question is yes, then at what pace exactly? Do you see the Pixels becoming as popular as iPhones in the near future? Let’s say in 2 years, or 5 years, or even 10 years? Or it just won’t happen - phones are just a hobby for Google and not a tool for serious domination?

Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Do you think Google will catch apple with the Pixels?

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Yes, but it'll take time...
No, never!
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