Monster Hunter game from Pokemon GO developer coming to Android and iOS

Monster Hunter game from Pokemon GO developer coming to Android and iOS
Niantic is a terribly busy developer. The studio behind the Pokemon GO phenomenon has just announced another project that will go live as early as next week: Monster Hunter Now. The collaboration with CAPCOM will see Niantic bring one of the most iconic franchises to mobile. The game will launch this September, but a closed beta will start on April 25 for those who want to try it out earlier.

As you can imagine, the game will have players get together to hunt monsters. With more than 90 million units sold globally, the Monster Hunter franchise is one of the most popular action role-playing game series of all time, so the upcoming mobile game is expected to gain quite a lot of traction just from that.

However, Pokemon GO announced that Monster Hunter Now will be designed for everyone to enjoy, not just veterans of the series. One mechanic revealed by Niantic involves an item called the Paintball, which can be used on a monster to bring it home and hunt it alone or with someone else.

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Another interesting mechanic allows players’ companions to mark monsters when they pass by with the Paintball, so that they can eventually hunt them after returning home. It’s an interesting concept that removes the need to always be online to search for monsters in the wild.

Obviously, Monster Hunter Now will be using Niantic’s location-based technology and AR (augmented reality) that overlays the real world with fantastical creatures. If the idea of being a hunter and teaming up with friends to take down the fiercest monsters in the world jives with you, then Monster Hunter Now has already opened up pre-registrations.

Those who wish to take part in the closed beta scheduled for next week can sign up at We expect the game to be available for free when it launches on Android and iOS this September.

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