Scary Pixel 6 911 bug is leaving people high and dry

Scary Pixel bug is not letting people call emergency services
Google's previous generation Pixel phones and bugs go hand in hand but in the company's defense, these were its first phones with a proprietary chip and it has done a reasonably good job of quashing bugs. That said, it's one thing to wait for a fix for, let's say, a flickering display, and another to not being able to get through to emergency services and some Pixel users have reported having experienced the latter.

As first reported by Android Police, some Pixel owners have complained on Reddit and Google's support forum that their Pixel phones are unable to call emergency services like 911 in the United States and 000 in Australia. 

Although only a small number of users, primarily Pixel 6 and 6a owners, appear to have been affected, this is one bug that's just not acceptable and is the last thing you would expect your phone to fail at.

Reddit user seykrits narrate that they were unable to solicit help for a man who had passed out. 

User KitchenPicture5849 also has a harrowing tale to tell. Their Pixel phone got stuck after they dialed 911 to call an ambulance for their grandma. 

This is reminiscent of last year's Microsoft Teams bug which prevented some Android phones from connecting to emergency services.

It's not clear if the October Pixel update has fixed the issue, but judging by the changelog, that doesn't seem to be the case. 

Google is one of the best phone makers we have currently but bugs have hampered the experience for many users. Here is hoping that the newly launched Pixel 7 duo will provide a smoother experience and that Google will deploy a fix for the emergency calling bug ASAP. Google apparently expects to double it sales next year, but this would be difficult to achieve if the Pixel 7 also ends up being a bug-prone phone.
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