In the UK, the Pixel 8 Pro will allegedly get a price hike (unlike in the US)

In the UK, the Pixel 8 Pro will allegedly get a price hike (unlike in the US)
It hasn’t even been a full 24 hours since the US prices for the Google Pixel 8 and the Google Pixel 8 Pro have leaked yet again after months of rumors that pointed in one direction (up in terms of price). The latest word on the street is that the Pixel 8 gets a $100 price jump, while the Pixel 8 Pro (surprisingly) is to retain the price from its predecessor – the Pixel 7 Pro, which came at $899.

Not on the UK market, though: it seems that a price hike will be introduced for both the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro in the good old Britannia.

A new X post from Roland Quandt holds alleged information about Google’s UK price plans (via 9to5Google) and things are indeed getting costly, if the data is credible. Here’s the post:

According to Roland Quandt’s information, the UK base price for the Pixel 8 gets the same price hike as the one in the US: from £599 for the Google Pixel 7, to £699 for the Pixel 8 ($599 to $699, respectively).

Things are drastically different when it comes to the Pixel 8 Pro. While the base price for the 7 Pro was £849 in the UK, the new one could make buyers reach substantially deeper in their pockets for the rumored £999. That’s a price hike of £150, or more than $180.

Another rumor had it previously that in France, prices are getting sour, too. Life is getting pretty expensive on the Old Continent, and Google’s Pixel phones follow closely. The alleged French prices are as follows: €799 for the Pixel 8 (€150 increase from the Pixel 7’s €649) and the staggering sum of €1,099 for the 8 Pro (€200 more than the price of the 7 Pro at €899).

And finally, the base price for the Pixel Watch 2 is said to be £349 (versus £339 today for the Wi-Fi version), but what’s a £10 increase between friends?

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