Despite lower price, OnePlus Open could have much more durable hinge than Galaxy Z Fold 5

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Despite lower price, OnePlus Open could have much more durable hinge than Galaxy Z Fold 5
Based on stablemate Oppo's Find N3 book-style foldable, the OnePlus Open could have impressive internal and external displays with higher pixel densities than the two screens found on the Galaxy Z Fold 5. The OnePlus Open could sport a 7.82-inch internal display with a 2268 x 2240 resolution and a 426 pixels per inch PPI count. Compare that with the Z Fold 5's 7.6-inch internal display, 2176 x 1812 resolution, and pixel-per-inch count of 373.

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The external display on the OnePlus Open should weigh-in at 6.31 inches with a resolution of 1116 x 2484. Compare that to the 6.2-inch Cover Display on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 which will sport a resolution of 904 x 2316.

The hinge on the OnePlus Open is also believed to be more durable than the "Flex Hinge" used on the latest Samsung foldable devices. According to X tipster and journalist Max Jambor, the OnePlus Open has been through a large number of tests, and the device can be opened and closed at least 400,000 times. That number would support the opening and closing of the phone 100 times per day for more than four years.

Samsung, on the other hand, promised Galaxy Z Fold 5 owners that the device will withstand 200,000 folds. Either Samsung wants you to fold the Galaxy Z Fold 5 just half as much as the OnePlus Open or OnePlus expects you to open its foldable twice as much as the Galaxy Z Fold 5. In India, the OnePlus Open could be priced at 124,990 Rupees ($1,510) compared to 154,999 Rupees ($1,873) for the Galaxy Z Fold 5. At the aforementioned pricing, the OnePlus Open would be 19% cheaper than the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Expected to be released in late September or October, the OnePlus Open will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, feature 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM, and start with 256GB of storage. The camera array will include a 48MP Wide camera, a 48MP Ultra-wide camera, and a 64MP Telephoto camera. On the external display, there will be a 32MP front-facing camera and a 20MP front-facing camera on the internal display. Keeping the lights on will be a 4800mAh battery.

It's one thing to expect a OnePlus foldable to be less expensive than the Galaxy Z Fold 5. It's another thing to not only be less expensive but potentially offer a longer-lasting hinge, higher resolution screens with larger PPI (pixel-per-inch) readings, more gigs of RAM, a larger capacity battery, and potentially a better camera array.
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