OnePlus 11 camera: everything we know so far

OnePlus 11 camera: everything we know so far
We are barely into 2023 and the next OnePlus flagship phone is already out. Well, at least in China it is. The OnePlus 11 is  confirmed to see its international release date on February 7, when we will probably find out more about the handset, as models can sometimes differentiate from their iterations in other parts of the world. In fact, one of the recent rumors points at the US variant being different than its Chinese counterpart in one specific area.

Nevertheless, now that the OnePlus 11 is released in China, we can get a concrete idea of the camera system it comes with. There are even sample photos to help us see what the different cameras are capable, and hint at some of the improvements with the company's new flagship.

OnePlus 11 camera upgrades:

OnePlus 11 camera specs at a glance:

The first thing you notice about the OnePlus 11 camera (and about the phone in general) is its new design, which is now in a round, circular shape inspired by — as OnePlus puts it — a black hole. Despite that, it still takes up a huge amount of space on the back of the phone, much like with the OnePlus 10 Pro. Whether you are a fan of this look or not is a matter of personal preference though, so let’s talk about what these snappers are actually made of.

It seems that the leaked information about the OnePlus 11 camera system was spot on, as we have a 50MP main camera with the Sony IMX890 sensor powering it, a 32MP telephoto with the Sony IMX709 sensor, and a 48MP with the Sony IMX581.

Now, these are not exactly flagship level camera sensors, but take a look at these sample shots that the company shared during its presentation:

As you can probably tell, OnePlus is focusing heavily on replicating an eye-pleasing bokeh effect, which is the out of focus areas behind and in front of your subject. From the examples we have here, it looks as if they have done a good job at making it seem eye-catching, and with an arguably natural look to it too.

Some other tidbits that the company shared included optical image stabilization on the main camera (although that's to be expected), better low-light performance on the telephoto snapper, and macro mode with the ultra-wide camera.

Of course, sample photographs are not exactly the most realistic representation of a camera system's performance, as manufacturers often go out of their way to make them more appealing. That being said, these still look at the very least promising. We can't wait to test them out ourselves here at PhoneArena and share our own results with you, so stay tuned for that!

Last but not least, we didn't get much information about the selfie shooter, but if we are to go by what's been leaked so far it should be a 16MP ISOCELL 3P9 (S5K3P9) sensor, which is capable of some decent performance.

How many cameras does the new OnePlus 11 have?

The OnePlus will has three cameras on the back consisting of a main wide snapper, an ultra-wide, and a 2X telephoto. It also has one front-facing camera that will sit in the top left corner of the screen in the form of a punch-hole.

How many megapixels does the OnePlus 11 camera have?

Here is the corresponding pixel count for each of the OnePlus 11 cameras:
  • Main (wide) — 50MP
  • Ultra-wide — 48MP
  • Telephoto (2X) — 32MP
  • Front-facing camera — 16MP

Stay tuned as we discover more about the OnePlus 11 camera until and after its international launch in February, and during our own review of the phone.
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