Bloomberg's top Apple scribe weighs in on the Series 7 watch, next year's iPad Pro, and more

Bloomberg's top Apple scribe weighs in on the Series 7 watch, next year's iPad Pro, and more
Bloomberg's Apple expert is Mark Gurman and together with Bloomberg, he has started a new weekly email newsletter called Power On that will touch base on various tech topics and the NBA. Gurman says that he has been told that Apple designers and engineers are looking at expanding the size of iPad displays although this would be one to two years away and might not come at all. Gurman is a big believer in larger iPad screen sizes, especially pointing out how a 12.9-inch iPad Pro looks small in comparison with his 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple has been promoting the iPad Pro as a computer, so increasing the size of the screen on that series would make sense and as Gurman notes, it "would continue to blur the lines between tablet and laptop." He also points out that when it comes to Apple's premium slates, the company is reportedly working on redesigned 11-inch and 12.9-inch models for next year.

Gurman says that Apple still needs to improve the multitasking capabilities on the iPad to resemble the system used on the Mac. Also helpful he notes, would be the ability to run work-related Mac apps that aren't offered for the iPad. "It's time for Apple to rip off the Band-Aid and go all in on the iPad," he writes. Mark also sees a redesign for the Apple Watch this year, but to the disappointment of insulin-dependent diabetics, the rumored blood glucose monitor is not yet ready for prime time.

He expects that the Series 7 Apple Watch will feature an upgraded screen, a faster processor, and improved wireless technology. The flagship model might have a body temperature sensor, and an updated more affordable SE version could be released along with a rugged explorer edition on tap.

Speaking of Apple, Gurman notes that App Store revenue was $12 billion for the first half of 2021, up 18% year-over-year. These estimated figures come from app analytical firm Sensor Tower  and were shared exclusively with Bloomberg.

Moving away from Cupertino, Amazon is working on the development of mobile devices according to a person with knowledge of what Amazon is up to. PowerOn says that these products include "long-term plans" for AR glasses and a Kindle e-reader with a foldable screen. And fitness firm Peloton is supposedly working on a wearable heart rate monitor that will be worn on the arm and works in connection with the Peloton mobile app.
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