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New Weather Strip app for iOS gives users plenty of weather data at a glance

New Weather Strip app for iOS gives users plenty of weather data at a glance
Weather apps are a dime a dozen in the Apple App Store and most are from names that you have probably already heard of with forecasts that you probably trust such as The Weather Channel, AccuWeather and more. Last week, a new weather app titled Weather Strip was released for the iPhone and iPad. The app shows a week-long hourly timeline with the forecast temperature for each hour along with the forecast precipitation percentage, the percentage of cloud cover expected, the current UV rating, wind and humidity, and more.

The developer of the app, Math Easel, notes that it can help forecast the likelihood when a rainbow is about to appear. The developer says that Weather Strip "displays a rainbow across any time period where our proprietary algorithm determines there is a reasonably high chance that rainbows may be visible in the sky." We haven't had the opportunity to test it out, but if it works as well as the developer says, you might feel confident enough to wager your last box of Lucky Charms.

Weather Strip is free to install after which you pay 99 cents per month or $3.99 if you pay for the year in advance. Subscriptions renew automatically unless canceled 24 hours in advance, and forecasts come from the U.S. National Weather Service (NOAA) limiting the reach of the app to the U.S. Weather Strip shows forecasts for any spot in the states and "extreme weather warnings are shown directly on the forecast timeline."

Weather Strip says "We take privacy seriously with NO ads, NO tracking, and NO third-party analytics. We only store location data on your local device, and we always use approximated locations when requesting weather forecasts...We also respect your data plan, with optional background app refresh that automatically learns your habits, and the ability to view your recent forecasts even when your connection drops."

Instead of using your exact location to give you your forecast, Weather Strip relies on approximated locations. The app requires iOS 12.4 or higher, iPadOS 13 or higher, and sure, no one in their right mind wants or needs to pay for a weather app. But first of all, no one ever said that your's truly was ever in his right mind.
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