Google will blow competition out of the water with this new rumored Pixel 4a price tag and storage

Google will blow competition out of the water with this new rumored Pixel 4a price tag and storage
Apple's CEO Tim Cook believes the new iPhone SE could make Android fans change loyalty. The entry-level version with 64GB of storage costs $399, putting it within the reach of consumers who previously could not afford an iPhone. Well, it seems like Google has a trick up its sleeve which could make the upcoming Pixel 4a far more compelling than the iPhone SE.

9to5Google's Stephen Hall claims that the 128GB Pixel 4a will cost $349. Previous reports had indicated that the phone will come in at $399 for the 64GB variant. 

If the rumor turns out to be true, getting the Pixel 4a instead of any other midranger will probably be a no brainer for many. 

Sure, $50 might not sound a lot, but you are also getting more native memory. Also, while $50 might not mean a lot to someone looking to buy a premium phone, in the midrange segment it surely has the power to influence purchasing decisions. 

Since the entry-level Pixel 4 comes with 64GB of storage, it's unlikely that the pared-down Pixel 4a would have 128GB as the base configuration. And if a 64GB model exists, it will likely be even cheaper and that would make it a total steal. On the other hand, there is also a possibility that there wouldn't be a 64GB Pixel 4a.

Now, the Pixel 3a started at $399, and it is a little hard to believe that its successor will be cheaper.

However, recent reports suggest that Pixel 4 sales have been so bad that they caused an internal rift within the company. If Google wants to stay relevant and avoid sinking into the oblivion, it needs to do something drastic. A lower price and better specs could do that for the company. 

If rumors are to be believed, Pixel 4a's strong points would include its compact size, a 3080 mAh battery, the presence of a headphone jack, and software. Alleged benchmark scores show that its performance would be comparable to the Pixel 3 XL, or two years old Android flagships. Since iPhone SE shares the same chipset as the iPhone 11, it's performance is bound to better.

Whether consumers will prefer the lower price/higher storage combo or faster performance remains to be seen.

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