Google tests Reminder feature for Photos app that can help you pay bills on time

Google tests Reminder feature for Photos app that can help you pay bills on time
Google is looking to add a new AI-based feature to the Google Photos app that can come in handy. If you are the type that takes photos of bills and invoices but forgets that they are stored in the app and you end up failing to make a payment on time, this new feature will help you save those awful late charges that add up over time. In SpAndroid, AssembleDebug (via AndroidPolice) says that he discovered code strings indicating that a Reminder feature was being added to the Photos app.

Google has added Calendar permission in a recent version of the Google Photos app. AssembleDebug says that he has tested version 6.61 of the app and was able to enable it on his phone.

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When you select a photo of an invoice from the Google Photos app, there are some options near the bottom of the screen found inside chips that say things like "Copy Text," or "Lens." A new chip will say, "Set Reminder." Tap on it and a pop-up will appear asking you to give the picture of the invoice a name, select the Calendar account you want the invoice to be synced with, select the date and time you want the reminder to appear on Google Calendar, and a link to the photo will be included automatically on the bottom of the pop-up..

AssembleDebug says that the "Set Reminder" chip won't show up on every photo, only those photos with text or dates. That is where the AI comes in as Machine Learning will help the app determine if the subject of your photo is an invoice. Currently, the feature is hidden behind a flag but Assemble Debug does state that the reminders appear instantly on Google Calendar.

If  you are tired of having to pay late fees because you are constantly forgetting to pay some of your bills on time, this new feature might not only be useful, it could be a money saver.
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