Netflix to launch Nike Training Hub on December 30 to help you with your fitness-related new year's resolutions

Netflix to launch Nike Training Hub on December 30 to help you with your fitness-related new year's
Netflix would like to help you stick to your fitness-related new year's resolutions this year. Starting December 30, 30 hours of video content will become available on the platform, through a partnership with NIke.

Reality check: in recent years, the number of new year's resolutions related to losing weight are seeing a decline, but that isn’t a cause for celebration, as obesity rates are going up. However, you should remember: there is no time like the present.

While new year's resolutions may not be the best method for losing weight, having access to content from Nike Training Club on your Netflix app certainly is. It will be released in two batches, available in multiple languages and to users of all subscription plans, so all that is required of you is to get motivated and give it a shot.

In case this is the first time you’ve heard about Nike’s training program, it is built around an app that wants you to stick to your decision and help you build healthy habits through fine-tuned training regimens and workout sessions.

What fitness options will Netflix offer this year?

We still don’t know what the second series will include, but we know that it will become available some time in 2023. Until then, batch one will certainly give you enough to sink your sport shoes’ heels in to with:

  • 13 episodes of basics of Fitness
  • 7 episodes of core workouts
  • 6 episodes of yoga
  • 14 episodes of strength training
  • 5 episodes of feel-good fitness

Considering that this is not your typical binge-worthy series, but content that you will actually revisit multiple times — or at least until you’ve gotten a steady workout routine down — it is certainly more than enough to help you get started on that new you.

The program will also feature videos, suitable for people of all fitness levels, meaning that you will be able to tell the ones that aren’t for you yet, but they will still be available to you when you decide to push things further.

The videos will be led by certified trainers from Nike’s Training Club solution. And if you like what you see on Netflix, you can also download Nike’s app too for a full experience. Oh, and by the way — the app is completely free, and offers tons more, like additional workouts, goal reminders and expert tips on nutrition and diet.

As Netflix is stepping up their game regarding, um… well, games on the platform, we can definitely expect them to bring more fitness options too, especially if Nike’s series receives a warm welcome. And you know what? This year might be it, so you should definitely try going for Netflix and Treadmill instead of Netflix and Chill.

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