A bunch of Motorola smartphones are on sale right now

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A bunch of Motorola smartphones are on sale right now
Here are our two cents: if you’re an active bargain hunter looking for appealing promotions on some of your favorite Motorola devices, now’s the time to act! Right now, there’s an ongoing sale on both Motorola and Amazon, where the prices for many models are slashed.

There are killer promotions on several highly-desired models, such as the Edge 30 Fusion in Viva Magenta, as well as on some entry-level devices that should meet your basic needs. Also, while you can find offers with the same prices on Motorola and Amazon, we’d like to remind you that you can opt for a trade-in at Motorola. If you spare a decent device for the new one, you can grab an even better deal for your smartphone.

Let’s cut to the chase! Here are the most appealing promos on Motorola phones right now.

Check out these deals for Motorola Edge smartphones:

Grab the Motorola Edge+ (2022) for just $499.99 at Motorola now

A step closer to perfection, the Motorola Edge+ (2022) is now on sale at Motorola in the Cosmos Blue color. You can get it at an instant $500 below its listed price with 512GB storage space right now at Motorola.
$499 99
$999 99
Buy at Motorola

$500 off the price tag of the Motorola Edge+ (2022) at Amazon

Available at Amazon for much less than its listed price, this high-performance beast from Motorola can be yours right now! It sees its lowest price on the platform in 30 days, too. Get it while you can.

The Motorola Edge 30 Fusion in Viva Magenta can be yours with free earbuds

With $250 off its price tag and a free gift, the Motorola Edge 30 Fusion is everything you could be looking for. Sleek design, gorgeous screen, good battery life, etc., make it a dream come true, especially at this price!
$549 99
$799 99
Buy at Motorola

Grab the Motorola Edge (2022) with a good discount now on Motorola

Take advantage of the good bargain price and get your Motorola Edge (2022) in Mineral Gray for just $349.99 now. The device comes with 256GB of internal storage.
$349 99
$599 99
Buy at Motorola

The Motorola Edge (2022) can be yours at a discount from Amazon

This 256GB, Mineral Gray Motorola Edge (2022) is ideal for those who want to get the functionality of the Motorola Edge Family without having to break the bank. Right now, the device is on sale on Amazon at 40%+ below its price.

Now that’s a list of deals that might be hard to turn down, especially for those who’ve been waiting for the Edge 30 Fusion to become available at a more reasonable price for the Viva Magenta color.

The all-time winner on this list undoubtedly is the Motorola Edge+ (2022). Previously, this Android-powered machine had a price tag of around $999, making it a solid contender for the best Android phone race (if such a race actually existed.) However, right now, you can get this powerhouse for just $499.99. Then again, you’d have to be okay with the Cosmos Blue color and the 512GB storage.

If you still want to be part of the Motorola Edge Family but aren’t willing to spare $499 and up for your new phone, you can now get the Edge (2022) in Mineral Gray, with a solid 256GB of storage space. Remember that all the Motorola website offers can get even better for those who opt to trade in an eligible device for their new one. You can score as much as $200 off the promo price if you trade in the most suitable phone.

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Now that we’ve paid due attention to some of the more high-performance Motorola products on sale, let’s check out the offers for the more entry-level devices that still are on top of their game.

Discover promotions for budget smartphones like Moto G 5G, G Power, and more:

Get the Motorola Moto G 5G for just 199.99

Get your budget powerhouse at a solid discount from Motorola now. The Motorola G 5G (2022) sees its price slashed by more than 50%, making it more affordable than it's been in a while.
$199 99
$399 99
Buy at Motorola

Get the Motorola Moto G 5G at 50% off its price tag from Amazon

6GB RAM, 256GB of internal storage, and a pretty decent camera performance make the Motorola Moto G 5G (2022) a good choice for many. Plus, with 50% off its price tag right now on Amazon, it gets all the more appealing.

This Motorola Moto G Stylus (2022) is yours for just $169.99

The Moto G Stylus can make a great budget phone for those customers who aren't willing to break the bank for their next phone. Its solid promotion at Motorola makes it even more desirable.
$169 99
$299 99
Buy at Motorola

Get Motorola Moto G Stylus (2022) with a discount from Amazon

The Motorola Moto G Stylus (2022) is available right now on Amazon for $130 less than its listed price of about 299.99. If you need a decent budget phone that performs pretty OK, get this one.

Moto G Power (2022) is now on sale at Motorola

The Moto G Power comes in Ice Blue with 128GB internal storage and 4GB RAM at a discounted price on Motorola right now. You can get it for just $139.99.
$139 99
$249 99
Buy at Motorola

Moto G Power (2022) is now 44% cheaper on Amazon

Buy the Moto G Power from Amazon now, and you'll grab a good bargain! Right now, the device can be yours for $110 less than before. It has 128GB of internal storage and is available in Ice Blue color.

A discount on the Moto G Pure (2021) from Motorola

This entry-level Moto G Pure from 2021 can now be yours for just $109.99. If you're out for an affordable device that can meet your basic needs, now's the time to act.
$109 99
$159 99
Buy at Motorola

Amazon's deal for the Moto G Pure (2021) is equally appealing

Get an entry-level phone at a decent price by taking advantage of this offer. The Moto G Pure (2021) should be able to cover all your basic needs. And, at such a low price, who can resist it?!

If you’re out for an entry-level phone that can meet your basic requirements, safely place your bet on one of these Motorola smartphones. Several of these Motorola devices, such as the Motorola Moto G Power (2022) and the Moto G 5G (2022), now see their lowest-ever prices on Amazon. However, that’s not the first time we noticed such good offers on these devices.

If you’re all out to find the ultimate battery beast among these budget Android phones, we suggest the Moto G Power (2022). According to Motorola, this device has a battery life of as many as three days on a single charge.

Truth be told, even if you’re not actively searching for a new device to buy right now, many of these deals are still too good to miss. We recommend keeping track of these deals and taking advantage of them while they’re still active. The sale ends on June 18 on the Motorola website. However, some high-demand models might be bought out well before that time.

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