Motorola One Power is the company's first phone updated to Android Pie, Motorola One must wait

Motorola One Power is the company's first phone updated to Android Pie, Motorola One must wait
Google remains optimistic about the expansion of Android Pie, even though the newest OS version was a no-show in the latest platform distribution chart, with companies like Motorola not exactly helping the search giant’s cause.

Once upon a time a software support champion, the Lenovo-owned brand is barely starting to update its first phone to Android 9.0, as reported by 91mobiles. That wouldn’t be so bad if we were talking about a global rollout for a high-end device like the Moto Z3, but somewhat surprisingly, it’s actually the Motorola One Power that’s leaving Oreo behind as we speak in India.

This isn’t a completely out of the blue thing, especially with the One Power running Android One software, which basically means little work was needed on Motorola’s part to customize and optimize the delicious new goodie pack.

What we’re curious about now is when to expect a slice of Pie for the “regular” Motorola One, which recently started selling in the US at a somewhat excessive price. The 5.9-incher doesn’t hold a candle to its Power sibling, with a significantly smaller battery in tow, as well as a lower-res screen, humbler cameras, and... the same divisive notch, but with a newer OS build and a substantial discount, the Snapdragon 625 mid-ranger could turn into a nice deal.

Until that happens, we should probably mention the Motorola One Power is getting a lot of neat (stock) stuff as part of its over-the-air Android 9.0 Pie package delivery, including intuitive gesture-based navigation, a bunch of battery-specific improvements, camera performance tweaks, features like Wind Down and Do Not Disturb, and simplified volume controls.

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